HCE opens all-weather test site in China
HCE disclosed that its local corporation, HYUNDAI(JIANGSU) CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO., LTD. in Jiangsu Province, China held an opening ceremony for a 6,600㎡(2,000 pyeong) performance test site on April 19.

The ceremony was held with the following people in attendance: Director Lee Won-tae, head of HYUNDAI(JIANGSU) CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO., LTD.; Director Kim Gwang-min, director of the research institute of HHI(CHINA) INVESTMENT CO., LTD. in China; and relevant employees and those who carried out the work.

The indoor performance test site will go a long way in helping the Company operate its development timetable smoothly as it has many merits like avoidance of dirt occurring in a test of equipment and ability to conduct tests regardless of weather.

The indoor test site will also be used for the demonstration of new equipment for customers visiting the place and is expected to enhance their trust in equipment.

The 4,300㎡(1,300 pyeong) indoor test site is made of gravel, soil, rocks, clay, etc., just like the site where equipment is to be employed; thus, it is expected to enhance the testing effects of the equipment models tested.
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